PhD Candidate Positions in Computer Vision

EPFL’s Computer Vision Laboratory has openings for PhD candidates interested in modeling the shape and connectivity of neurons from light and electron microscope images, augmented reality, and people tracking.

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Masters degree in Computer Science or related field with experience in the areas of Computer Vision or Medical Image Processing. A strong background in Mathematics is desirable.


  1. Apply by December 15th or April 15th to our doctoral program, as explained here
  2. Specify in the application form that you are interested by Prof. Fua’s CVLab.

There is no need to contact Prof. Fua directly as your application will be forwarded to him.

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow in the context of a collaboration with Logitech on the topic of mixed reality. The position is initially offered for 18 months and can potentially be extended for up to 4 years in total.

The goal of this project is to develop real-time algorithms to track in 3D desktop objects being manipulated by a user and integrate them in a virtual reality platform for better immersion. This will allow the users to interact with their physical environment, such as their keyboard, while evolving in a virtual environment.
In earlier work, we have developed state-of-the-art 3D tracking algorithms. These algorithms, similarly to the competing ones, rely on the availability of a 3D model of the object. In practice, one cannot expect having a model for every specific object. Our goal will therefore be to design novel Deep Learning-based algorithms that generalize to arbitrary objects of a certain class by automatically generating the corresponding 3D model. Furthermore, to improve immersion, we will also aim at rendering the user’s hands in the virtual environment. To this end, we will develop Deep Learning hand segmentation methods that, in contrast to state-of-the-art ones, account for the interactions between the hands and the object.
The Computer Vision Laboratory offers a creative international environment, a possibility to conduct competitive research on a global scale and involvement in teaching.  There will be ample opportunities to cooperate with some of the best groups in Europe and elsewhere.
EPFL is located next to Lake Geneva in a beautiful setting 60 kilometers away from the city of Geneva.  Salaries for post-doctoral fellows start from CHF 81,400 per year, the precise amount to be determined by EPFL’s department of human resources.
Applicants are expected to have finished, or be about to finish their Ph.D.  degrees, to have a strong background in Computer Vision and Statistical Machine Learning, and to have a track record of publications in top conferences and journals.  Strong programming skills (Python and C or C++) are a plus.  French language skills are not required, English is mandatory.
Applications must be sent by email to Ms. Staudenmann (  They must contain a statement of interest, a CV, a list of publications, and the names of three references.