Real-Time 3-D Tracking

Vision Based 3D Tracking with Applications to Augmented Reality

In augmented reality applications, tracking and registration of cameras and objects are required because, to combine real and rendered scenes, we must project synthetic models at the right location in real images. We present here an accurate solution that works in real-time even under difficult conditions.

3-D Face Tracking Demo

Our 3D tracking algorithm is robust enough to track a human face, given a rough and generic 3D model of the face. Then virtual objects can be added in a realistic way and in real-time. We use a 2-D face detector to automatically initialize the tracking.

This demonstration was presented at different exhibitions where we successfully tracked the faces of hundreds of people of all ages.


Combining Edge and Texture Information

We also integrated the ability to take edge-information into account. We propose a method for handling cluttered or textured backgrounds that is similar in speed to approaches that consider only single hypotheses.

Multiple Hypotheses
in Action
Augmenting a Corridor

Relevant Publications

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