Ferns: Planar Object Detection Demo

Planar object detection software that uses Fern based classification to match feature points. Includes template based tracking to switch between detection/tracking. (Tracking is NOT enabled by default, see usage notes on how to turn it on.)


Source code is available under the GNU General Public License. In short, if you distribute a software that uses ferns-demo, you have to distribute it under GPL with the source code. Another option is to contact us to purchase a commercial license.

Updated code: Fixed minor issues with the svn version of OpenCV and the newer gcc distributions.


The distributed code assumes that you have already installed OpenCV and pkg-config is properly configured to locate it. (Ask for help from your local Unix expert if this does not mean much.)


Download the archive, untar the contents: tar -xzvf ferns_demo-1.1.tar.gz
Change directory: cd ferns_demo-1.1
Create the executable: make
Run the executable (webcam input): ./ferns-demo
Run the executable (test video): ./ferns-demo -v mousepad.mp4

For more information see README file inside the tarball.

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